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This opportunity gave us an experience of a lifetime as well as the chance to work with others in a different country. This was an interactive lesson that allowed us to take our class out of the building and study things first hand instead of out of a textbook or something on the internet. This also gave us a chance to experience things that aren't in our own country for the first time, things such as wildlife and vegetation that is not found in Detroit, Michigan or the chance to hold a non-English conversation. This makes me excited thinking about it, the entire thing, the thought of just being there, learning in a different place. It was amazing.

Ashley Strange

This trip helped us gain an understanding of a completely different world and gave us some life changing experiences. It meant a lot to all of us due to that fact that none of us had been to this gorgeous place before and it let us know that traveling is a beautiful thing. Just because we are from Detroit doesn't mean we have to stay here and not further our knowledge and extend our imagination.

Areal Canada

It was the most amazing, most mesmerizing and loving time. It was also one of the best hands on and informational trips I have ever been on. I wish more teens would be able to do this more often.

Isiah Cunningham

We have a better perspective on the choices that need or should be made to succeed in life by going out and experiencing new things and exploring the world.

Idria Robinson

I learned that anything is possible!

Taija Johnson


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